How can I view my invoice?

You can view and download your invoice in our Web Portal:
Log in to your customer account.
- Click on "invoice"
- Click on " ⤓ " to download the invoice PDF
- Click on the PDF file and open it

Why am I charged for charging sessions that took place a long time ago?

Occasionally, only a few customers are billed for past charging sessions. This happens whenever there is a delay of charging details transfer from the "charge point operators" (CPO). Please keep also in mind that prices from the CPO might have been changend in the meantime. but of course the prices charged will be the prices that were valid at the time of the charging session.

What is the structure of the invoice?

The invoice is divided into two parts.

The first part contains all contract details, tax information and the total amount due.
The last part of the invoice lists all invoiced charging transactions. These are described with the address, charging station number, the date and time. The amounts of the charging sessions are shown as net amounts.

Please note that sometimes an address or station number may be missing due to missing data transmission by the charge point operator.

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