Charging Session

The charging station is not working and I cannot charge.

If you cannot start a charging session, please take into consideration the following recommendations:

Please check in advance, if the charge point is avaiable or out of order within the app.

For the authentication via app, please first check whether the charging station supports authentication via app or QR code. You can find out by clicking on the charging station in your app. If it does, it is recommended to use the "Start" button in the app instead of scanning the QR code placed on the charging station.

In case of technical or physical problems, contact the charge point operator first. You can find the operator's service hotline on the charging station.

If the problem still remains, please contact your customer service hotline which you can find under the support page "contact support" on the website.

Can I get a parking ticket while parking at a charging station?

The customer must leave a public parking space as soon as the charging process is completed or the maximum permitted parking time is reached.

Prices may vary depending on the operator of the charging station. Please check the valid prices within your app before you start charging. The tariff details which are available for each charge point in your app might contain a time-based pricing component which results in costs for parking/blocking the charge point even when the energy transfer has been terminated.

Please note that we are not responsible for any costs which occur due to exceeding the maximum loading and/or parking time or costs oncurred by incorrect parking (for example towing costs). Costs which are incurredt via his connection must be paid by you to a third party.

Can I charge abroad?

Our product gives you access to one of the largest networks in Europe. Our network is available across borders, so you can charge at any station in our network.

Need immediate help?

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* The cost of the call depends on the country and network you're calling from.