Full price transparency through standardised prices

You can use our partners' charging services at standardised prices and keep track of your expenses at any time. You only pay one price per market, depending on the charging speed. With the Transit Tariff, you also benefit from long-term discounted conditions of access with our preferred partners such as Ionity - ideal for long-haul drivers. 1

Travel across borders with a single contract

Charge your Audi at one of 000,000 charging stations in 26 countries in Europe. Whether you are in the city centre or on the highway, the e-tron Charging Service enables quick and convenient access. Make use of the continuously growing network of High Power Charging (HPC) stations for fast, reliable recharging. You can also charge your Audi e-tron in other European countries at local prices without any additional charges. 2, 3

Easy access

Enjoy electric mobility across national borders and providers - one contract, one card, one single access. The full charging convenience becomes accessible for you - just with a single contract.

Seamlessly integrated into your Audi e-tron - thanks to Audi connect

Search and find charging stations using the navigation system or the myAudi app. The e-tron Charging Service stations are marked with the Audi rings, so that you always know where you can charge by using our service.
With the e-tron route planner, optimal charging stops and their durations are automatically taken into account when calculating the travel time - so that you know exactly when you will reach your destination. The app also shows you the power level of your Audi e-tron's battery.

All essentials at a glance online - via myAudi

You can find an overview of your usage and invoices online in the myAudi portal, so that you always have a full overview of all your charging events. You can also easily book and manage your contract from home. 4

1 Country prices differ due to local differences in electricity prices and regulatory requirements.

2 The e-tron Charging Service provides access to charging infrastructure in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands , Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain. An offer for other countries is currently being planned. The e-tron Charging Service prices are country-specific.

3 The number of available charge points is country-specific and depends on the level of expansion of the available infrastructure. There is no claim for access to every charge point in a country. Audi AG does not guarantee the operation and availability of the charging infrastructure.

4 An activated myAudi account is required to use the e-tron Charging Service.

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